Artist: Daren Fagan
Availability: 1
Dimensions (D x W x H): 22.00in x 33.00in x 51.00in

Price: $1,500.00

Nothing is more all-American than struggles and discontent. That is what drives us to improve and work towards solutions. But, there is a process involved which includes; searching, fighting and seeking guidance from our higher power.

Pipe People is a series of sculptures constructed of heavy duty pipe and scrap metal. All three of these works are reflections on the current state of humanity and more specifically, America.

These works were created prior to the current chaos In the world. Strange times, indeed. However, as Americans, we will get it figured out and become stronger through the struggle!

Search, is a mindless figure ‘searching’ his cell phone for answers.  The problem is that the figure is unaware of the questions that need answering.

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