Artist: Casey Martin
Availability: 1
Shipping Weight: 3.75lb
Dimensions (D x W x H): 7.00in x 7.00in x 11.00in

Price: $125.00

At first glance, it's a bonsai tree with its well known sweeping flow, gnarly trunk, and tight canopy, but a closer look and it's a construction of rock and metal, but ponder and you will see a deeper message, possibly one that touches emotions within you. What's the artist saying in this piece? Is it that what seems as opposites can not only coexist but thrive together? Is it that the adversities in life may twist your path into unintended ways? Or perhaps its that the adversities that are sure to be upon us all will make us stronger if we let them. Or some other message...

Yes. What does it speak to you?

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