Artist: Anastasia Smith
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Dimensions (D x W x H): 30.00in x 30.00in

Price: $1,200.00

Yes, that is spelled correctly. It is a play on the words turtle and turquoise.

Sea turtles are the ultimate zen creatures. They have a constant look of contemplation. As I gaze upon this painting I am always taken to a place of calm and warmth 

Sea turtles do not have an easy beginning, they earn that calmness. Only 1 out of a thousand hatchlings will make it to adulthood. Once hatched they must pass through a gauntlet of hungry sea birds, guided by the moon to the swells of the ocean. If they make it to the water, there are a number of other predators lying in wait for an easy meal.

They are symbolic of good luck, longevity, perseverance and protection. They live extraordinarily long lives and, in Hawaiian culture, one appearing to you is a positive omen.

I chose this serene color to evoke the feeling of calmness and tranquility. It brings to mind those warm tropical waters where the turtle makes it’s home.

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