Artist: Anastasia Smith
Availability: 1
Dimensions (D x W x H): 40.00in x 60.00in

Price: $3,600.00

'Shrouded Sage' is part of a series of monochromatic wildlife paintings that I have created. It has been painted entirely with a single color (liquitex green gold) with varying amounts of black and white to shade and tint. When I was struck with the urge to add an elephant to the series I chose this color because of the calming yet strong feelings it provoked. Elephants are the largest land animal on our planet so the earthy tone of this green was ideal. Even more impressive than their size is the elephants intelligence and emotional connections. They can remember friends and relatives after decades of separation, they hold funerals and mourn their dead, they come together as a community to raise their young and help each other. Elephants carry a powerful earth magic in them, they are the sages of the Serengeti. I work very hard to capture the spirit of the animal as well as it's physical likeness. My intent is to move the viewer and create a totemic connection between them and the animal.

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