Radish Dance

Artist: Janus Lee
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Radish Dance is inspired by the abundance of beautiful produce found in central Texas farmers markets — an American tradition that I treasure. I arranged these radishes to photograph on an old enameled saucer (rust omitted), and with the pie plate peeking from the upper right corner to suggest that old-time American feel. The blue background and metallic elements were invented for contrast and to invoke a certain mood that I refer to as “Hopperesque”. Since American “Inlander” artists like Edward Hopper, and Charles Burchfield are my very favorite influences, this term suits me.

Radish Dance first exhibited at the annual 2017 Prizer Arts and Letters ‘Farmer as Artist’ show in Austin TX. I have enjoyed participating in this exhibit for the past three years. Partly because of my years of involvement with local agriculture, I qualify to enter this yearly exhibition. I treasure everything this painting stands for, partly because I hail from the American Midwest where agriculture is so important.

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