Artist: Macey Hart
Availability: 1
Shipping Weight: 5.00lb
Dimensions (D x W x H): 3.00in x 15.00in x 24.00in

Price: $245.00

This piece is a 20x10x1” Multi-colored acrylic textured painting on wood cradle board with white sides in a white floater frame (21x11x1½”). Throughout my life I’ve always loved colors. The big box of crayons with endless colors in it in sparked my imagination early on. Several years ago I found the colorful Lily Pulitzer resort line of apparel. I had such an affinity to it. Walking into the Lily Pulitzer Store, I couldn’t help but be joyful surrounded by all the happy colors. Ever since then, I tend to see life through colored glasses and I want to dress in colorful clothes and paint in beautiful colors. This abstract floral painting is the first in a series that was inspired by my love of color. I also wanted to show my emotions about color by making bold expressions with my paint brush in multiple colors all at once hence the multiple shades or colors in each brush stroke.

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