Mary Beth McCarty King

I have made art since the earliest of memories.  I was born and raised in East Texas, and as a teenager I studied oil painting with various local artists of the time.  Although life has taken me down several different paths throughout the years, art has managed to sustain my soul.  I will finish my Bachelor of Fine Art with emphasis in Studio Painting this fall semester.  I have exhibited in academic and juried shows and exhibitions in Texas and New Jersey.   

Artist Statement

Some people must always have a plan, a pre-made path to follow.  I have attempted to explore and overcome the tendency to predict the path of the medium.  There is an idea in the beginning, but when the brush touches the surface of the canvas, I have tried to allow the paint to direct me.  To have a shadow here, a highlight there, what color should sit beside that color. To explore and expand boundaries.  This is my plan, to try not to direct the hand so much as listen to what the heart says needs to happen.  Through trial and error, I am learning to listen.

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Medium: Oil on Cradled Board




Medium: Oil on canvas




Medium:Oil on Cradled Board



Untitled 03

Medium: Oil on Canvas