Jennie Baqar
Currently residing in Dallas, Jennie Baqar considers herself Texan to the bone. She was encouraged to create by the time she could speak and has developed a love of art and science. With a Doctorate in Audiology, she continues to paint and draw in her spare time, and currently considers acrylic on canvas her medium of choice.

Two prominent themes in Jennie’s work are humanity and the cosmos. She aims to depict the beauty in the unseeable—relationships, the spiritual soul, emotional struggles—with a keen interest in the qualities and characteristics that bind us as humans. Jennie sees the Universe as a catalyst for her creativity. She was inspired by Jo Marchant’s The Human Cosmos: Civilization and the Stars and her childhood experiences with her father, former astronaut Jim Wetherbee.

Jennie strives to expand her art in shows and exhibitions. Because she has witnessed—on both a personal and historically-global level—the once-center-stage sky become superseded by technology, Jennie endeavours to use her art to help bring the natural beauty of the cosmos back into our lives. She hopes her work may motivate others to mindfully reflect on what it means to be human.
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Day Light -- Dark Night

Acrylic on Canvas


Small Steps -- Giant Leaps

Acrylic on Canvas