WHEEE MUSIC MOTIVATION #5 Damaged Guitar and flutaphone

Artist: Kathleen House
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During my 12 years of growing up in Anthony, KS, I have good memories of being motivated to learn music, and playing the tonette in 4th grade. Then, in 5th grade, I was accepted into band by Mr. Wendel Hodges. I also played the Bb clarinet in my freshman year in college. The most fun part of it was marching in a parade and on the football field. I picked up the Eb clarinet in my high school senior year. The Baritone saxophone was my instrument in stage band. Mrs. Eva Hodges was my piano teacher. She was always so sweet. I was also a part of the church choir in my Junior High and High School years.

The Hodges family lived on the same block as we did in Junior High. I loved their tree swing— wheee! I also enjoyed eating tomatoes out of their garden and playing in the dirt with the Hodges kids. Such good memories.

Thank you, Tyler Ross and Michelle Sherwood, for your donation

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