Colorful Journey

Artist: Macey Hart
Availability: 1
Shipping Weight: 5.00lb
Shipping Dimensions (D x W x H): 3.00in x 20.00in x 24.00in

Price: $345.00

This piece is a 20x16x3/4” multi-colored acrylic textured painting with gold metallic highlights on canvas with gold metallic sides in a gold metallic floater frame (21x17x1 1/2”). The piece represents life as a journey with God, family and others. There is the intersection of the cross representing Jesus and our life intersecting with others. Some stay on the journey with us, while others come and go. We have twists and turns, ups and downs, and different pathways in life. The bright colors show that we can find joy and beauty in it all while the gold metallic highlighting all of the painting is God being our guiding light through it all.

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