Ban Jovi

Artist: Mark Clark
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Price: $800.00

Meet "Ban Jovi!" Ban Jovi is an acoustic-electric 6-string banjo made from an antique silverware box and recycled "Strat-o-Copy" neck. He features a drum head banjo-style resonator for a more bluegrass sound, a wooden tone ring and sound hole cover, antique door hinge tailpiece, hand-carved "Neapolitan" layered pickup cover & adjustable bridge, violin scroll headstock accent, silver carrying handle and enclosed chrome tuners. Though the banjo had origins in Africa, it was only after early versions made their way to America did it gain a foothold in popular music. Two uniquely American music forms owe a debt to the banjo – Dixieland Jazz and Bluegrass. “Americana” doesn’t just borrow from tradition, it creates tradition.

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