Analytical vs. Creative

Artist: Macey Hart
Availability: 1
Shipping Weight: 5.00lb
Shipping Dimensions (D x W x H): 3.00in x 24.00in x 20.00in

Price: $345.00

This is a 16x20x3/4” palette knife multi-colored acrylic painting on canvas with blue sides framed in a gold metallic floater frame (17x21x1½). This painting encompasses a major turning point in my life. I started out as an architectural engineer in college seeing things in black and white and always having a logical answer to a question or problem. I soon grew bored in this world because while I am a logical, technical, analytical type person, I also have another side in me that is very fun, creative and imaginative. I changed my life path by switching my major to business marketing to unleash my more colorful creative side and I’ve never looked back. In this abstract painting it shows the two sides to me—the analytical/logical side in the abstract architectural buildings and water type reflections vs. the creative colorful messy random palette knife side.

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