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Dimensions (D x W x H): 24.00in x 30.00in

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All of my paintings start out with an underpainting.  I have no idea at that point what the painting is going to be. I just work intuitively, and at some point the painting tells me what it wants to be.  As I look at the interplay of shapes and colors, the image becomes obvious to me as to what direction the painting will take.

I primarily work in mixed media, with a combination of alcohol inks, acrylic inks, water colors, and heavier bodied acrylic paints.  The inks lend a vibrancy that is reminiscent of the natural intense pigments found in nature.  It particularly mimics the vivid hues of the blooms seen after a long, drab winter.  The heavier rains in early spring through April promote a frenzy of lush growth and new foliage and blooms such as those we are entreated to in the following May.

In “Maybe She’s a Wildflower”, I tried to capture the abundance seen in this uninhibited growth and resulting blooms that bear fruit and seed. To me, that same condition is mirrored in the individual who, in the fortune of the right conditions, sees uninhibited personal growth.

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