Artist: Wendell Brock
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When I was in 8th grade our science teacher, Mr. Turner, asked the class, What is the one thing that makes life possible on earth? After thinking about it, several of us students offered some answers, Air, Water, and God, were the main answers along with arguments for each. However, our science teacher said, “the correct answer was, the Sun.” Something none of us had thought of. Surely, life would not be possible without the sun. That same year a church leader, Charles Brown, taught us boys the quote, “Science and religion are like the thumb and the fore-finger between them we can grasp all truth.” We have so much to learn about our Sun, our galaxy, our universe, and the thousands of billions of stars and planets therein, that truly the sky’s the limit to our learning. Certainly God knows so much more that we have yet to discover?

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