Casey Martin

Casey Martin comes from a family of all artists, his 2 sisters, brother, both parents, grandfather, and both grandmothers all inspired each other. A student of science and fine arts Casey incorporates both in a dichotomy of organic and structure. His bonsai sculptures showcase his talents of combining common everyday elements around him.
When asked about his passion on creating his art he doesn’t hesitate; “When I see beauty in objects overlooked, passed by, or discarded, I see elements of design and order. This is what I want others to see too.”
Every single “tree” has its uniqueness and a different story to tell. Each replicate life-like trees and tells us about the ethics, beliefs, and aesthetics we hold. It symbolizes an artist’s emotions and ideas and holds up the different elements of nature in an artistic way. If you study Casey’s pieces you will see a multitude of messages, one that is seen as elements of design, balance, and color theory, one on a spiritual level, and deeper meanings that relate to life itself. When you do Casey’s vision is realized.

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Bonsai #1

Medium: Rock and metal