Britt Riggin

britt 300x300Britt Riggin is a generational artists, her mother, father, and maternal grandmother are artists. Britt’s love for art started as a child watching her mom paint, helping her dad with his professional photography and visiting art museums from a young age. Britt began developing her art first as a photographer, and then through manipulating her photography in Photoshop. Now her art includes sculpture, drawing, and painting, with her focus being acrylic paint. Britt's work is very dynamic in motion, style, design, and color. She resides in Justin, TX with her husband, three children, 13 chickens, 2 dogs, and 1 cat.

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From Tribulations to Hope - Romans 5:3-4

Medium: Acrylic

Framed 29.5"x23.5"


Safe From The Storm

Acrylic on board

36" x 24" painting, framed